We are proud to announce that from Oct 1st, 2012, we are changing company name from PT Sakura Bengawan (SABESO) to

Best IT Partner for you in Indonesia

We have been proudly in IT business since 1995 and have successfully maintained our reputation as one of the best source in Indonesia for Information Technology solutions.

We currently offer world class professional services in software development, networking, outsourced payroll, IT staffs dispatchment for any type of business. We are also the principal provider of SPISy-2005, the world-class Human Resources Information System (HRIS) that fully meets Indonesia’s regulations.

Now, we are proud to announce that we are changing company name from PT Sakura Bengawan (SABESO) to PT SAKURA SYSTEM SOLUTIONS, due to a significant expansion of our business activities. Following this expansion, we now have a “dream team” that includes qualified business and IT professionals -either come from Indonesia or Japan- with the capability to deliver an outstanding level of support and ensures customer satisfaction.

Your satisfaction is our utmost priority. Please contact us whenever we may be of further assistance.

SPISy meets Indonesian Regulation & Customs

SPISy is designed to support the strategic decision-making process and all of the administrative functions associated with the employee life cycle. Please visit here for further information.

Your strategic IT partner for expansion

As our approach continues to be from a customer's point of view, we work closely with companies to support its growth and expansion in Indonesia. We’ve successfully worked with many customers by providing business software development and implementation, Network/LAN solutions, corporate website design and other IT services that companies may need during their early-stage of expansion in the country. Feel free to contact us

Look for Programmer

In line with our long-term strategic expansion plan, we are inviting talented and highly motivated programmers to be part of our progressive team. Please check the details here.